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Bags Tournament

playing cornhole in backyard throwing bag in air.jpg

Bags Tournament (3pm) - Teams of 2

** sign up for tournament May 1st - Aug 9th at midnight**

Basketball Shootout

photo aug 13, 15 25 10.jpg

Basketball shootout will be held at the outdoor court. No preregistration required. Time TBD. 

Kids Korner 

Kids Running

Kids can come to the Kids Korner and get a light up baton that they can play with throughout the night! 

They can grab some crayons and draw on the mural wall.

Kids can also feel free to dig around in the sand pit with the buckets and tools with parent supervision.

Girl and boy with hula hoop playing at the park.jpg

Kids Hula Hoop contest

Prizes will be awarded to the longest hula hoopers! 

Practice before the hula hoop contest on one of the provided hoops! 

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